September 28, 2015

Park Chorong for SURE

Four days ago I read an interesting article in allkpop. This article talks about A Pink's Chorong who being the very first celebrity guest beauty editor for 'SURE' magazine. She worked on writing beauty article.

She shared her beauty knowledge with 'SURE' magazine.

I'm not going to talk about Chorong's make-up and fashion here since I'm NOT an expert in this field. I'm not going to talk about Chorong's beauty knowledge as well because I don't buy 'SURE' magazine lol. I just want to share this two lovely photos.


She is a stunner!

[UPDATE] November 30, 2015
Chorong's current body is the result of eight years of hapkido and her regular sessions of pilates. Chorong is living proof that the hard work can help achieve any look you so desire!
Chorong confessed that pilates has transformed the muscle on the bottom part of her body from thick and ungainly to slim and toned. She also revealed that she bathes the lower part of her body everyday in water infused with aromatic oils.

Further, instead of eating a heavy breakfast, the singer consumes a light breakfast consisting of greek yogurt, granola, and fruits such as blueberries. Right before a comeback, Chorong also detoxes her body's impurities by drinking juices. 

(picture source: allkpop)

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