January 18, 2020

DAY6 Siblings

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Today, a year ago, I wrote about SEVENTEEN's siblings. So on this same date, I urgently need to write the same post but about DAY6's siblings.

DAY6 has five members. Four of them are the youngest in their family and each of them has an older sister. That four members are Sungjin, Jae, Wonpil, and Dowoon. YoungK is the only child.

I only collect photos, not writing deep information about their families because I don't want to write something that I don't know. Please do not expect too much on this post lol.

Sungjin and his sister had a holiday together in New York about five years ago. He uploaded the photo on his old Instagram account.



Jae has a sister who ten years older than him. She lives in California and works as a teacher (this fact can be found on DAY6 Free Radio season 2 but I forgot on which episode).


Jae's sister is on the left wearing white and his mother is the one who pose 'V' wearing black. This photo is uploaded on Mark Tuan's father's twitter.

Jae's Dad and Mom

Wonpil and his sister is the cutest among all. They're clingy onto each other. >.< His sister name is Kim Yeeun.



Bonus: Wonpil's mom and his sister (source)

Dowoon also has an older sister. She works as a teacher too (again, this fact can be found on DAY6 Free Radio season 2 but I forgot on which episode). His sister is really pretty.

YOON FAMILY!! (source)

Last but not least, the only only-child in DAY6 and also the middle child, the 3rd maknae of DAY6 lmao.....YoungK! His parents live in Canada. His parents have a big map on their basement wall in Canada and they marked every country YoungK visited with a red pin (this fact can be found on this Vlive episode).

His mother is beautiful T.T (source)

If you have more information about DAY6 siblings, please share with me. I'd be happy to know. Thank you and see you on my next post!



  1. full of information. thank's to you..
    but, what the job of youngk's parents?

    1. Hello! You're welcome.
      Idk he has never mentioned about it, all I know is that his father is already retired after he signed contract with JYP. YoungK said it by himself but I don't remember on what program.


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