September 29, 2015

JYH for Harper's Bazaar

I personally think that this kind of post is not professional for blogging activity. It's just import photos from a news website and then share in my blog.

I honestly don't want to do it too often but I can't help when my bias being the model of a magazine. I feel like his/her pictorials are too lovely to be ignored so I must make a post about it (although it's just a plain post, not a review post).

I did it to Chorong when she became the model for 'SURE' magazine. And this time is Yonghwa. He becomes the model for 'Harper's Bazaar' magazine.

Yonghwa showed his matured and rebel look in these black and white photos:

Color pictures: 

Yonghwa and his sultry eyes. I misread 'sultry', I thought it was 'slutty' lol sorry Yonghwa.

The confusing part is the photo label. There's two label: BAZAAR and Are these two label from the same company?

I don't know.

(picture source: allkpop)

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