June 23, 2015

Chloe Moretz in We Got Married Season 4!

Chloe Moretz appeared as a guest in the last episode of Henry-Yewon couple (We Got Married Season 4). She came to Henry-Yewon's house with Eric Nam. My first impression towards Chloe: SHE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL! SHE GREW UP INTO A BEAUTIFUL LADY! I remember her appearance in 500 Days of Summer movie, she was a tomboyish little girl back then.

June 16, 2015

My Favorite Songs: EXO – LOVE ME RIGHT (The 2nd Repackage Album)

Hellooo I’m back again to write about EXO! In the early June EXO had released their second repackage album titled LOVE ME RIGHT, the album consists of ten songs in EXODUS plus four new songs. Here are the tracklist:
1. Love Me Right
2. Tender Love
3. Call Me Baby
4. Transformer
5. What If..
6. My Answer
9. Playboy
10. First Love
11. Hurt
12. Lady Luck
13. Beautiful
14. Promise (EXO 2014)
As you can see, the new songs are written in red.

June 1, 2015

My Bias Has A Girlfriend

One day I had chitchat with my sister about a Korean group we both like (she liked more). This three members group was popular outside Korea, including in Indonesia. I don't remember exactly about our chitchat entirely but our chitchat went to dating topic. My sister guessed the group leader has a girlfriend. It's not a big deal since he is 28 years old. The prettiest member (yes I am serious, he is a man but pretty) (which is my sister's ultimate bias) has the funniest personality and he likes baby-sitter-liked girl. The youngest member (I am his fan) has different taste about ideal type, he likes older girl (called noona in Korean) and he wants to have kids soon.

I joked to my sister that those younger member liked around-27-years-old noona. And (I think) my joke comes true o_____o

Happy or not.

Yesterday my sister told me that the youngest member truly had a girlfriend. I didn't believe her since she had guessed wrong about Chanyeol and Ju Sunyoung dating.

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