June 16, 2015

My Favorite Songs: EXO – LOVE ME RIGHT (The 2nd Repackage Album)

Hellooo I’m back again to write about EXO! In the early June EXO had released their second repackage album titled LOVE ME RIGHT, the album consists of ten songs in EXODUS plus four new songs. Here are the tracklist:
1. Love Me Right
2. Tender Love
3. Call Me Baby
4. Transformer
5. What If..
6. My Answer
9. Playboy
10. First Love
11. Hurt
12. Lady Luck
13. Beautiful
14. Promise (EXO 2014)
As you can see, the new songs are written in red.

I love both EXODUS and LOVE ME RIGHT, most of the songs are ear catching. Honestly I don’t like Overdose album, it’s too dark for me who loves cheerful and upbeat songs. Therefore I was quite afraid if EXODUS would be as dark as Overdose. But it’s not. YEAY!

Anyway, my favorite songs in LOVE ME RIGHT are Love Me Right itself, Tender Love, Call Me Baby, Transformer, My Answer, EXODUS, First Love, Hurt, Beautiful and first half of Promise (EXO 2014).

I’m sorry for What If.., EL DORADO, Playboy and Lady Luck. You guys don’t attract my ears. What If.. make me feeling sleepy when I listen to it. I’m not a person who loves ballad or sad or calm songs. EL DORADO is too noisy for me. Meanwhile Playboy and Lady Luck are too much wheezing voice in it lol. It’s annoying for my ears.

Okay let’s talk about my ten favorite songs one by one.

Start with Love Me Right. When the music video of Love Me Right released, I thought this song was a little bit weird but fun to listen to it till the end. The part ‘Just love me right~’ reminds me of SHINee’s ‘Juliette~’, you feel the same? Chanyeol’s deep voice totally catch my ears when come to rap part, should I say thanks to Tao for his absence in this album so all the rap part are taken by Chanyeol? Sehun also takes significant rap part, he is no longer a ‘makan gaji buta’ member again in EXO. Sehun finally has rap part in EXO’s song! Not just ‘E’ ‘X’ ‘O’ part! Woohoo...thanks to Tao again lmao.

Next is Tender Love. I thought it was a What If..-liked song, but Tender Love is a cheerful song! The sweet voices of Baekhyun, D.O. and Suho are collaborated well. Chanyeol backsounds the song with some raps, Sehun also takes rap part. My question is...where’s Kai’s voice? Does he take over Sehun’s part as a ‘makan gaji buta’ member? Lol. Pardon me if Kai has lines in Tender Love but out of my ears.

Call Me Baby is my ultimate favorite song in LOVE ME RIGHT repackage album. I’m feeling “love at the first sight(?)” with this song. When many fans are disappointed by Call Me Baby’s music video, I’m not. I enjoy the music video.

Transformer gives us a balance part of rappers line Chanyeol-Kai-Sehun and vocalists line Baekhyun-Kyungsoo-Suho. With robot-ish music and collaboration of rap part and sing part that blended well, I add Transformer in my daily playlist. Tick tick boom boom ‘bout to blow~~~

As I said before, I don’t really like ballad or calm song but My Answer breaks it. Baekhyun’s, Kyungsoo’s and Suho’s sweet voices make romantic-feel of this song going out sooo well! I love you guys!

No rap parts in EXODUS and CHANYEOL IS SINGING EVERYONEEE!!! My heart is fluttering whenever I listen to Chanyeol’s singing part in EXODUS lol. I was disappoint when Chanyeol sang Officially Missing You in Sukira last days. His voice was like voice of a grandfather who spent his entire life smoking too much
In EXODUS his voice has improved a lot! How happy I am! Anyway when you hear wheezing voice at 0:37 and 1:34 which sounds ‘ah ah ah’ it’s sexy right? HAHAHA.

Genre of First Love is R&B and Soul, the album said it. I don’t know the difference between R&B and Soul lol. I thought only Chanyeol and Sehun did rap part in this song, Kai once again didn’t participate but I was wrong. KAI IS SINGING AND HE DO IT WELL! The meaning of this song is very beautiful :)

The ending 'It hurtch~' makes me fall in love with Hurt XD

Beautiful is a sweet song. The melody is very unique. That’s all. LOL.

I admit that I’m a little bit affected by some people who think that Promise (EXO 2014) is just an EXO’s song and has no meaning since the Chinese members were leaving the group one by one. So I’m not really attracted by Promise (EXO 2014). I only like the first half of this song. After Chanyeol’s rap part ends, this song is bored.

For you who still don't listen to EXO’s LOVE ME RIGHT repackage album yet, go listen to it as soon as possible! I hope this post helps you to love EXO more.

See ya!

(I don't own the pictures, source: allkpop)

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