June 23, 2015

Chloe Moretz in We Got Married Season 4!

Chloe Moretz appeared as a guest in the last episode of Henry-Yewon couple (We Got Married Season 4). She came to Henry-Yewon's house with Eric Nam. My first impression towards Chloe: SHE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL! SHE GREW UP INTO A BEAUTIFUL LADY! I remember her appearance in 500 Days of Summer movie, she was a tomboyish little girl back then.

Chloe Moretz in 500 Days of Summer (cr: childstarlets.com)

Chloe had experienced exotic Korean cuisines. Henry and Yewon served pupae, raw octopus, blood sausage and spicy ramen for Chloe.

Pupae (cr: MBC)

Raw octopus (cr: MBC)

How do you think about that exotic Korean cuisines?

As for me, only spicy ramen is okay...and normal.

Spicy ramen (cr: MBC)

Chloe ate pupae and she thought it was not bad, as well as raw octopus. She couldn't handle the taste of blood sausage, she quickly drank water right after chew a slice of blood sausage. Chloe was good at spicy food, she didn't have problem with spicy ramen. She ate it well.

(cr: We Got Married)

After meal time, U-KISS' Kevin and 15&'s Jimin joined Henry, Yewon, Chloe and Eric at a karaoke room. They sang and danced happily. Chloe showed them her singing and dancing skill. She did rap part of Ariana Grande's Problem and danced moon-walk.

Left to right: Yewon, Chloe, Eric, Kevin, Henry, Jimin.
They danced EXID's famous pelvic dance of 'Up and Down' song
(cr: We Got Married)

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