June 1, 2015

My Bias Has A Girlfriend

One day I had chitchat with my sister about a Korean group we both like (she liked more). This three members group was popular outside Korea, including in Indonesia. I don't remember exactly about our chitchat entirely but our chitchat went to dating topic. My sister guessed the group leader has a girlfriend. It's not a big deal since he is 28 years old. The prettiest member (yes I am serious, he is a man but pretty) (which is my sister's ultimate bias) has the funniest personality and he likes baby-sitter-liked girl. The youngest member (I am his fan) has different taste about ideal type, he likes older girl (called noona in Korean) and he wants to have kids soon.

I joked to my sister that those younger member liked around-27-years-old noona. And (I think) my joke comes true o_____o

Happy or not.

Yesterday my sister told me that the youngest member truly had a girlfriend. I didn't believe her since she had guessed wrong about Chanyeol and Ju Sunyoung dating.

LOL Ju Sunyoung has a boyfriend! And he is not Chanyeol~~~

I didn't take my sister's words seriously until she sent me proofs o_____o
She took proofs from the girl's instagram account. The girl is followed by the youngest member. I'm sorry I can't attach the proofs here, they need privacy. 

Call me hoax spreader, I don't care.

My sister sent me a photo of the youngest member leaned his head on his girlfriend's head. I asked her more proofs. She sent me two photos of them had a dating in Hongkong. Not an obvious picture of them of course, the girl would be killed by tons of his fans if she uploaded an obvious picture. Yeah, Korean entertainment industry is cruel.

The girlfriend took photos of the youngest member crossed a road, in a crowded. If you see the photos, you won't aware he was him because the focus wasn't him. The focus was the road and the buildings around the road.


Things that make me sure he truly is in a relationship are the hashtags of his girlfriend's photos. She wrote a couple name. Lucky because their name start with the same letter, Y.

The youngest member's girlfriend has mature looks, really mature looks. I'm sure she is 5-6 years older than him (fyi he is 3 years younger than me, which is he was born in 1994). She is not skinny at all, she has nice curved body. I think she is not an entertainer, maybe she works at an office as a common employee. But she is rich. She drives Lamborghini. The youngest member is rich as well. Of course yaaa~ puhlease.

I'm not against their relationship, I support them. The youngest member is still really really nice to his fans and his girlfriend is not teasing his fans by uploading photos carelessly. But my heart is not okay lol. If you had experienced the same thing as me, you would understand. Let me sob T_____T

I know sobbing to an idol's relationship is ridiculous. Their relationship has no effect in my life at all (it only affects my heart, let me sob again wtf T_____T )

I really really want to do thing like Adam Levine's fans do: accept his marriage nicely. Oh come on, they can accept Behati nicely, why I can't accept the youngest member's girlfriend nicely too? If they can do, I can do also. Yes. Start from now on I want to think of his side as an entertainer only. I don't want to bother his private life. I have other biases to handle ^.^

[A very sad-story(?) in the very early June]

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