March 2, 2017

Can I Call This Post "SVT Vernon's Facts"?

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Good morning! Hello I'm SVT Vernon's new fan, haha. Today I write about "Vernon's facts". Are you Vernon's fan too? Please enjoy this post! :D

First, I got his facts from 'Arirang Radio Sound K Star Date with DJ Stephanie'. You can watch the show by click this link.

1. He was born in New York, United States
2. He didn't speak Korean until he moved to Korea at age 5 or 6
3. The way he smiles is different in front of girls, he smiles with his eyes and with the guys he doesn't really smile with his eyes. Nothing is going on. He just like being him.
4. He likes singing but he's not good at it
5. He likes copying Seungkwan's adlibs
6. Vernon is his middle name and become his stage name, his full name is Hansol Vernon Chwe
7. He promised a Vietnamese fan that he will keep his health and have a happy day with his members. He said "okay I promise thank you very much" gently with his deep baritone voice and after Stephanie translated it the members were laugh at him. 😂
8. He chose night over morning.

Second, I collected Vernon's fact from 'Seventeen's Andromeda' episode 22. Click this link to watch.
1. He seriously really love chocolate. Chocolate is a really important part of his life. Like he has even seriously thought about how his life would be like without chocolate. (OH MY GOD VERNON ME TOO!!!)
2. He's allergic to peanuts
3. He chose chicken over pizza
4. He likes both tall girls and short girls
5. His shoes size is 280
6. He has husky voice

Third, from 'K-Popular with As One with Vernon and Joshua'. The radio show was aired in 2015. Enjoy two cutie pie American boys talked 100% in English through these links: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Vernon's facts:
1. He raps
2. He was born in New York but he came to Korea when he was like 5 years old
3. His nationality is America but he's culturally more Korean
4. He was shy when As One said he look like little baby Leonardo DiCaprio
5. He speaks and writes Korean better than his English (seriously Vernon you are good at both)
6. He dreams in both Korean and English
7. When Joshua met Vernon for the first time he thought that Vernon didn't speak Korean at all
8. He kept using English with his family because his mom doesn't speak Korean
source: onehallyu
9. He got scouted from street casting when he was fourteen
10. He likes hip hop but he never professionally rapped before
11. He doesn't really have date that he really wants to do and he thinks it's cool to just hang with his girlfriend
12. He likes to bowl but he's not really that good
13. He's in hip hop unit
14. His favorite artist is J.Cole
15. He always writes his lyrics in Seventeen's songs
16. His mom was crying when she saw his debut stage
17. He's not really sure to call his girlfriend "자기야" in the future
18. He likes pizza with thin crust
19. He hasn't tried taco pizza
20. The hardest time for him after being a K-Pop star is waking up
21. He can fold his little finger
22. Big Bang is one of his favorite groups

Joshua's facts:
(Oh yes I write Joshua's too because his facts are too precious to be ignored)
1. He's from Downtown, LA, United States
2. He came to Korea at 2013
3. He got scouted from street casting at Korean Festival in LA
4. His mom actually wants him to do what he wants to do
5. All his family live in LA, his mom comes from time to time to see him in Korea
6. He's only child
7. He is a "church oppa" (lol sorry I can't find better word)
8. For perfect first date, he wants to date at the beach with his girlfriend
9. He's not really that good at bowl
10. He wants the people or the audiences to feel young energy and get energy from Seventeen's music
11. He's in vocal unit
12. He got musical influences from Gabe Bondoc, a Philippino Youtuber artist
13. His mom was crying when she saw his debut stage
creds goes to the owner, I found it on pinterest without watermark, whoever made this gif thank you so much!
14. His family and he communicate by messaging
15. He haven't tried taco pizza
16. The hardest time for him after being a K-Pop star is washing up in the morning
17. His voice color is beautiful
18. He found amazing when Daesung copied Adore U coreography

One good advice from gentleman Joshua:
"No matter what job you do. There's always gonna be hard times. So you just have to work hard in what you do and you get to enjoy it later on" (source)

I watched all shows without English subtitle (ummm...except Seventeen's Andromeda) so if I made mistakes please feel free to correct by drop comments on the comment section below. Thank you very much for reading. Byeee!

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