September 16, 2015

K-Pop Girl Crush

It is not in romantic way of course.

I have some girl crush in K-Pop. My girl crush in K-Pop are from various girl groups but not all of them are my bias. You know, when you're a girl and you admire a female K-Pop idol, it doesn't mean she is your bias, right? You just adore her beautiful face, personality, skills, fashion and so on.

So here are mine:

SNSD's Sunny and Seohyun
cr: Sunnyday515
Sunny is my first girl crush in K-Pop world. I knew her by watching Running Man episode 39. She appeared with Yoona. Sunny's lips is very unique especially when she smiles. Her voice is unique as well, she has cute voice. When I listen to SNSD's songs, I recognize her voice easily.

cr: sjhsjh0628
I didn't like Seohyun at first because she was Yonghwa's virtual wife. I thought that her innocence in WGM was fake. *lol stupid fangirl* I was wrong, Seohyun's innocence is not fake. She is pure, kind, mature, clever and smart. She has high responsibility to her life as a student and as an idol. She has passed her college in excellent way between her super busy schedule. Seohyun doesn't want to be an idol who has no brain. Yonghwa said that Seohyun is a genius. She is a fast learner. Remember when Yonghwa taught her to play guitar and billyard? She played them well as soon as Yonghwa taught her. Talk about appearance, Seohyun is very pretty. She has good voice and many art skills. She can plays flute, piano, violin and guitar so well.

2NE1's Park Bom
cr: haroobomkum
Bom's voice really is good and unique, I think no idol has voice like hers. I like Bom's doll-like face also. She looks beautiful but scary at the same time if she doesn't smile. I was fooled by Bom's appearance, I thought she was an elegant woman. She is an alien in fact, she has weirdness in cute way. XD

A Pink's Chorong
cr: Apink_2011
CHORONG IS MY BIAS! Oh my God she is sooo pretty and cute and adorable although she can't do rap lol. Chorong has child-like voice which is cute. I can recognize Chorong's voice in A Pink's songs very very very easily. She has bright and cheerful personality. She can dance well too. Chorong is a good leader, she takes care of her fellow members and her fellow members respect to her.

Red Velvet's Wendy
WENDY IS MY BIAS TOO! I love her bright personality, I love her pretty face, I love her beautiful voice, I love the way she talks in English! Wendy's personality is the same between on and off camera, she's not fake. :) Some people may say Irene is the prettiest in Red Velvet, but as for me Wendy is the prettiest. :D

Jessica Jung
Believe it or not, I didn't like Jessica at all at first. She was hype and too much pretending to be cute. I couldn't stand her coquettish toward men. Moreover, when I heard rumor that said that she was Donghae's ex lmao. Why I was so childish back then. But what goes around comes back around #karma wtf, now I like Jessica lolol. She becomes more mature and prettier after she left SNSD. Her network goes wider. I like her reaction towards hateful comments, Jessica doesn't give a single f*ck about them. I hope she will sing again in the future, I miss her beautiful voice. :(

Girl's Day's Yura
cr: Girls_Day_Yura
I've liked Yura since watching WGM. She has really cheerful and bright personality. She's bubbly in cute way. Yura has many aegyos. Do you ever see her legs? She has gorgeous legs! When you talk about Yura, don't talk about her singing skill. XD I'm her fans, please don't misunderstand ^^

Do you have K-Pop girl crush too? Who's your K-Pop girl crush?

Thank you for reading <3

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