January 18, 2019

SVT Siblings

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Hello...good day! Today I really feel good (eventhough I had lack of sleep yesterday night), it is because of SEVENTEEN WILL BE BACK SOON!!! Woohoo! Can I just jump to 21st January??? No?

They had dropped MV teaser at 0 am KST which is 10 pm Indonesian Local Time (west area of Indonesia, 17th January) AND IT IS REALLY GOOD. Well...they just sat together in a room lol but it obviously served high quality visuals as usual.

On 16th January they had released highlight medley. This comeback will be their 6th mini album, it contains 6 songs. The songs are 'Good to Me', 'Home', 'Hug', 'Chilli', 'Shhh', and 'Getting Closer'. 'Home' is the title track while 'Hug', 'Chilli', and 'Shhh' are each unit's song (Vocal Team, Hip Hop Team, and Performance Team, respectively). By only listening to the highlight medley, I put my heart on 'Chilli' and 'Shhh'. I guess I need to listen and watch full version of 'Home', 'Good to Me', and 'Hug' before I give my like heheh. 'Getting Closer' was released long before this excitement, the song brings dark and manly vibe.

Anyway today I want to share some photos to you, photos of Seventeen members with their siblings. Not all members of course since some members are only child (Joshua and Woozi, and...probably The8 too) and some are don't want to expose their relatives.

A very nice info (source)

This is the picture of S.Coups and his older brothers. He tweeted this photo long time ago. Look, maknae of the family becomes the leader of SVT. :3

cr: pledis_17

Jun and his younger brother are as sweet as sucrose. It looks like their age gap are quite far.

source: @soonyoung-noona

Hoshi's older sister's name is Kwon Minkyung and according to some fans information she was born in 1995. I couldn't find his younger sibling's photo.

Predebut Kwons (I found this photo long time ago so I forgot I got it from whom, I'm sorry)

source: @ayugyeo

Wonwoo has a younger brother and he's a model (name: Jeon Bohyuk). Both are handsome as hell. Jeon family's genes are no joke.

Look at this cute siblings omg >.<

This is Jeon Bohyuk

Mingyu likes to act cute all the time to all Seventeen members. In fact he's not a maknae in his family, he's the first child. He has a younger sister named Kim Minseo. By judging from these photos, Mingyu is the clingy one.

Minseo had an instagram account (sadly it's gone now). I don't know why she deleted it but rumor said that she got several harsh comments. :(

I got these photos from google using "minsueta" keyword. Minsueta was her instagram username.

Female version of Mingyu Kim

Seungkwan is the youngest in his family. He has two older sisters named Boo Jinseol and Boo Sojeong. These two pretty sisters have personal instagram accounts and Boo Jinseol is quite active updating her daily life (check @boovely_).

Boo siblings predebut (cr: boovely_)

Boo Jinseol, Boo Seungkwan, and Boo Sojeong (cr: boovely_)

Boo siblings and beautiful Mama Jwa (cr: boovely_) 

Vernon and his little sister, Sofia, maybe the most popular SVT siblings among fans. Their half-blood visuals steal the crowd. Just like her brother, Sofia also has a kind of 4D personality. Check out her YouTube channel and her instagram account @sofathechew [she had changed her username several times, her former usernames are dofiachwe and sofiathechwe (I personally really love this username)].

(sorry I forgot from whom I got this gif)

Jeonghan didn't want to expose his little sister to public. Once fans took photo of his sister but then he gently asked the fans to not spread her photo. Such a sweet brother! I'm curious as hell about his sister but...yeah.

[UPDATE] 130120 Jeonghan uploaded photos that shows he and his sister when they were kid. SO CUTE!

In DK and Dino cases, I couldn't find any traces of their siblings. Do you have photos of DK's or Dino's siblings? Please share with me. :)



  1. buset XD bahasa inggris semua. xD ora mudeng akuhh XD

  2. all we know about DK is his sister got married in 2019 thanks to Kwon Spoiler lol

    1. Wow thanks for the information, can you share from where program Kwon Spo spilled that spoiler? xD

  3. Dino said in Going Seventeen that he is the oldest in his family. Its funny how our mathyung leader is maknae in his family but our maknae is actually oldest. Talk abt polar opposites! 🤣

    1. Lol this random fact makes SVT more and more unique.


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