August 21, 2015

My Favorite Songs: A Pink's All Albums (2011-2015)

Hello! I'm here to give you recommendation of A Pink's songs. The songs are from all A Pink's albums since 2011 until 2015. I don't separate the songs by the album because I forgot which song belongs to which album lol.

cr: Apink_2011

Here they are~~~

Mr. Chu
No No No
U You
It Girl
Let Us Just Love
I'm Not An Angel

Good Morning Baby
Lovely Day
My My
He's My Baby
Sunday Monday

Secret Garden

(note: highly recommended, moderately recommended, just so-so yet still worth it to listened)

I like these songs after listened to them twice (approximately). Remember that this is my own opinion as a person who loved calm but cheerful songs. It maybe different from yours.

Have a nice day and see you next time!

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