August 11, 2015

My Favorite Songs: Big Bang's 'MADE'

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I'm not a VIP and I'm not a YG stan either but I like Big Bang's songs, especially in this 'MADE' album. After (about) 1000 days, finally Big Bang has made a comeback! They've released six music videos in four months. Big Bang's music video that I like the most is 'Let's Not Fall in Love'.

There are eight songs in 'MADE' album and here is the list:
1. Bae Bae
2. Loser
3. Bang Bang
4. We Like 2 Party
5. Sober
6. If You
7. Let's Not Fall in Love
8. Zutter (GD and TOP)

My favorite songs of this album are Loser, We Like 2 Party and Let's Not Fall in Love.

'Bae Bae' is too loud for my ears and the song is not my style. But the music video is fun, TOP totally drops his charismatic-handsome-guy image. He is not afraid to look ugly and he is not ugly at all even he makes ugly face expression XD He uses cat's-eye lense on his left eye, it's a little bit scary for me.

I just don't like 'Bang Bang Bang' lyrics


I can't explain why I don't like 'Sober' (???)

'If You' is too mellow, I don't have interest on it. The song makes me sleepy. 

'Zutter' is a full rap song but not like Epik High's 'Born Hater'. 'Zutter' is better than 'Born Hatter'. 'Born Hatter' really is making my head dizzy when I listen to it. I like hip-hop music but when there are too much rap lines in it, I start to dislike it lol. You will see GD and TOP pee at a toilet in 'Zutter' music video. Funny but gross. You will also see pigs and their butts as well that TOP posted on his IG account several days ago.

Okay now I'll talk about my favorite songs <3

I fall in love with this song right after I listened to it. It's a sad song but gives me spirit when I'm in the middle of broken heart situation. I don't know why I feel that way.

We Like 2 Party
It's calmer than 'Bang Bang Bang' but still makes me dance when I listen to it. The music video's scenes are taken from Big Bang's activity, such as when they were in airport or took selfie with VIPs. I have interest in beach part and swimming pool part. At the beach, the five members of Big Bang are run happily at the shore. At the swimming pool, they are partying crazily. They really enjoy it. When they jump into the swimming pool, TOP is the only one who wears complete clothes. As we all know, he doesn't like to expose his body because he gets sweat easily. Daesung, Seungri, and Taeyang are topless. While GD is wearing sleeveless shirt, well GD is too skinny to expose his top body. I think.

Let's Not Fall in Love
I fall in love at the first sight with Let's Not Fall in Love's music video. Each member has girlfriend! The music video is full color, not only black and white.

TOP has the cutest girlfriend. Their height are just perfect!!! Do you know who the girl is? She is cutiepie Ha Yeonsoo! She played at 'Monstar' drama. She appeared at Running Man before and coupled with Kim Jongkook. She stared a uniform advertisement with B1A4 in 2013. Although Ha Yeonsoo has really cute appearance, she is 25 years old already.

Taeyang's girlfriend in this MV looks like his real girlfriend, Min Hyorin lol. But Min Hyorin is way prettier.

Is Daesung's girlfriend the actress of Heartstrings? Someone who played as Minhyuk's crush?

I don't know who is GD's girlfriend but she is very very very lucky out of four! She dances with GD in the rain, she cuddles with GD, she does everything that other girls want to do with GD! Hahaha.
Who can resist when GD do this to you? *faint in happiness*

Seungri's girlfriend is Esteem's model Lee Hojung. Do you remember Lee Hojung? Yes. She was Chanyeol's girlfriend in K.Will's 'You Don't Know Love' music video. She was Baro's girlfriend in B1A4's 'Baby Good Night' Japanese version music video. Hojung is somewhat taller than Seungri lol. It's weird to see a couple which the boy is shorter than the girl. The only one who match with Hojung is Chanyeol :p

Well that's all from me. See you on my next post!

(credit goes to the owner of the GIFs, thank you for creating them^^)

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