September 27, 2019

30 Days Young K Challenge

cr: JYP Ent.

Who's Young K?

Buat yang belum tau, Young K ini adalah bassist band DAY6. Nama aslinya Kang Younghyun, nama Inggrisnya Brian Kang. Lahir di Korea dan sekolah SMP-SMA di Toronto, Kanada. Makanya bahasa Inggrisnya lancar.

Young K adalah lulusan Dongguk University jurusan Administrasi Bisnis. He was juggling between his career as a musician and a student at that time. Very cool. Sebagian besar (atau mungkin semua?) lirik lagu DAY6 dia yang nulis (kadang sama member yang lain juga). Ngakunya sih inspirasi datang dari pengalaman pribadi, cerita orang lain, buku yang dibaca, maupun film yang ditonton.

Semua 100% datang dari pengalaman pribadi pun gapapa kok Bang Bri. 😏

Oke, cukup prolognya. Mari langsungkan ke topik utama pembicaraan sesuai yang tertera di judul postingan. Lagi-lagi walaupun bunyinya 30 Days Challenge, 30 pertanyaan ini selesai saya jawab nggak lebih dari satu-dua hari. Lezgeddit!

1. Reasons why I like Young K
I like Young K because he's good looking, tall, really talented, and...he rap. I didn't know he's the rapper of DAY6 at first. When I found out this role of him, I was I always got naturally attracted by rappers. Most of my biases are rappers, they are Super Junior's Donghae, 2PM's Taecyeon, BtoB's Lee Minhyuk, B1A4's Baro, EXO's Chanyeol, and SEVENTEEN's Vernon.

2. First photo of Young K that I saved
Fetus Brian because he's too cute >.<

3. First and current impression of Young K
First impression: he looks like a bad boy
Current impression: he's really a bad boy cz he robbed my heart. 🤣

4. Favorite fancam of Young K
When he didn't realize Wonpil's keyboard accident:

5. Favorite photo of Young K
(cr: Amazemay)
Young K + flower crown = me cri waterfall

6. Favorite gif of Young K
cr: park.sungshine.tumblr
*memantau keributan dari jauh sambil mimik kupi*

7. Favorite selca of Young K
cr: day6kilogram
Travel K in Miami!

8. Favorite Young K part (in a song)
His part in 'For Me'. I like his high note.

9. Favorite Young K teaser
cr: JYP Ent.

10. Young K's charming point
His fox eyes🐺

11. A color that suits Young K
BLACK! He's totally handsome in black. ㅠㅠ

12. Season I associate to Young K
Summer because he's hot.

13. A movie I'd recommend to Young K
'Zootopia' because he's similar to Nick Wilde. But I bet he already watched this movie.

14. A song I'd sing to Young K
I'm not gonna do it because it's embarrassing to sing in front of a talented man with my terrible voice.

15. A hairstyle I'd like to see on Young K
cr: youngkbaragi

16. A cover I'd like Young K to do
Honey please please sing full version of 'A Whole New World' along with Jae. Thank you.

17. Favorite hairstyle on Young K
Anything jidatan. Jidat Young K is lyfe.

18. Something I have in common with Young K
We both choose teleportation as a super power we wish we have. His reason choosing it is also similar to mine: can travel around the world without passport.

19. A look I want Young K to wear
Long hair, sling bag, sleeveless white tshirt and riped jeans look.

20. Young K's content I want to see
His vlog when he traveled and a video of him dancing full version of ITZY's 'Dalla Dalla'.

21. A gift I'd give to Young K
Sunflowers bouquete.

22. Favorite Young K's body part
Eyes, jawline, errr...his whole body tbh because he has a good body proportion.

23. The happiest experience with Young K
I've never met him so far so I can't answer this question yet. :(

24. A question I'd ask to Young K
"How much do you love Goldie?" (Goldie is his instrument's name)
cr: JYP Ent.

25. Young K is the best when...
...eating lol.

26. What do I miss about Young K the most?
I miss his long hair.

27. Favorite TMI from Young K
He said that he chose Business Administration major in college because of his uncertain future before he debuted as DAY6. If he couldn't make career as a singer, he would pursue career as a worker with his degree. You can see this TMI on this video.

28. Who's Young K to me?
My ultimate bias in DAY6 and also my current mood booster.

29. Write a message to Young K in 10 years
"Hello Bri- I mean Young K, maybe you already have your own little family now. Please always be happy in your life like you always say to MyDays."

30. Write a message to Young K now
"Hi babe (lmao) I hope you are live happily in your life. Thank you for your existence."

Ada yang biasnya Sungjin/Jae/Wonpil/Dowoon yang pingin jawab 30 pertanyaan ini? Kalau ada plisss kasih tau di kolom komentar atau link di mana kalian udah nulis versi kalian sendiri. Makasih!

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  1. karena kakak udah blogwalk ke lapak aku. so here i am now. XD
    Soal YoungK jjang yes dia itu bias bias bias paling bias ultimate bias q banget di DAY6. waktu pertama kali nengok mas brian pun pemikiranku dia kek tipikal bed boi" gtu ye kan, tapi seiring berjalan waktu dia itu ada kesan imut, lucu dan cool. apalagi kalo dia udah nyanyi plus senyumannya duhhh mimisan deh dibuatnya XD

    1. hahahahaha
      SAMAAAAA dia tuh kadang sekali waktu bisa ganti-ganti ekspresi ya kan dari bad boy, lucu, imut, cool