March 15, 2019

[SVT Things] Q&A for #SoompiAwards

I got this questions list from this thread, my sister showed it to me. These questions were used for supporting Seventeen in Soompi Awards two weeks ago. I was too busy back then so I could only answer three questions, so today I want to answer the rest. If you have interest on this post, please don't hesitate to continue reading.

  1. When did you become a Carat? I claimed myself as a Carat after passed this allkpop's popquiz (the questions are not available anymore). It was in year 2017. In that year, I also started to write more and more about Seventeen in this blog.
  2. The member that you first remembered when you're still a baby Carat? Joshua, because he often appeared on my Twitter timeline (thanks to Ron).
  3. Age gap with you and your bias? Age is just a number. :p
  4. First song that you listened when you're still a new-born Carat? Pretty U
  5. Do you have any Carat friends irl? Yes, they are all kind. We also had met several times.
  6. What's your first fandom? Boice, it's CNBLUE's fandom name. Do you know CNBLUE? They are a band among boybands in this K-Pop world. One of the band that could steal public attention as good as boybands. As far as I know, bands who could do that too are FT Island and Day6 so far cmiiw. All members are in army service now, I miss them so bad (except for Lee Jonghyun *sigh* he's bad). In case you don't know anything about CNBLUE, try to listen their debut song. It may sounds old but their debut was hit daebak at that moment.
  7. What's the special thing that caught your eyes about your bias? His western looks.
  8. Do you have Carat friends online? Yes.
  9. Last time you explained why does Seventeen is called 'seventeen' when they are only 13 members? I never explained this thing because none asks me about that. I knew Seventeen when they were already popular enough in public.
  10. Did you cry because of your bias (not in a concert/fanmeet but because you're happy that they finally posted or something)? If you mean cry inside, yes. I cried inside when Vernon suddenly out of nowhere posted this video on his personal instagram account.
  11. If you can only have one SVT album on repeat in your music playlist, what album would it be? 'teen,age' for sure because I like 7 songs out of 10 songs in that album. The album contains various genres, from rock to ballad. It's quite complete.
  12. First song that you remember/hear when you read "SEVENTEEEEEEEEN"? Call Call Call
  13. Describe the song '20'. The first Vocal Unit's song that I like. It has sweet cheerful melody and lyrics. Watch this, Vocal Unit performed '20' live.
  14. Favorite title track? Very Nice
  15. Are you taller or shorter than your bias? LOL OF COURSE I'M WAAAAAY SHORTER THAN VERNON. xD
  16. Top 5 "happy songs of SVT" that you want to put in your own playlist? Very Nice, Thinkin' About You, Run to You, Mansae, and Boom Boom.
  17. Top 5 "ballad songs of SVT"? Pinwheel, Adore U (by Vocal Unit), 20 (is it ballad?), Hug, and Smile Flower.
  18. Top 5 "inspiring songs of SVT"? What's Good, Change Up, Chilli, Clap, and Rocket.
  19. Top 5 "relaxing songs of SVT"? Healing, Campfire, Love Letter, Hello, and Falling for You.
  20. Top 5 "song of SVT that you can dance or have a freestyle dance"? Swimming Fool, Beautiful, Trauma, Change Up, and Holiday.
  21. Top 10 SVT side-track? Trauma, Campfire, Hello, Healing, Check In, Run to You, Thinkin' About You, Hug, Rocket, and Still Lonely.
  22. Side-track that you wished it was the title track? Nothing, they're already genius to pick title track.
  23. Have you ever attended a concert/fanmeet of our boys? Yes, I attended Seventeen Concert Ideal Cut in Jakarta on September last year. It was really amazing experience. I met my bias irl!! He was mooooore handsome than his pictures. AND HE WAS ONLY ABOUT THREE METERS IN FRONT OF ME OMG!
  24. Can you do the reversed fanchant for 'Getting Closer'? NO LMAOOO. I just can do "Seungcheol, Jeonghan, Jisoo, Junhui, Soonyoung, Wonwoo, Jihoon, Myungho, Mingyu, Seokmin, Seungkwan, Hansol, Chan" several weeks ago. It's impossible for me to do the reversed fanchant without a guideline paper.
  25. The first SVT song that you memorized? Memorized the lyrics and can sing it properly in karaoke? Don't Wanna Cry cuz it has no rap.
  26. Are you trying to study on how to read and write Korean for SVT? No, I already knew how to read and write Hangul three years earlier before Seventeen debuted.
  27. If you have a chance to go to a fansign, what will you do to each member? Of course I will hold their hands, I will give them gifts (I don't know yet about that but I prefer to buy the affordable one like hair pins), and I will ask them different questions.
  28. What's the prime number of your bias based on Al1 era? 359
  29. Do you miss Bongbongie? I forgot about him tbh I'm sorry. :(
  30. Do you put SVT's birthday on your calendar? + special activities/events? No, I remember their birthdays without reminder.
  31. Have you ever attended a fan-gathering in your place? Yes, once I attended fan-gathering in my city to celebrate Minghao, Woozi, and Jeonghan's birthday. I got sunflower seeds from that event and now I plant its second generation.
  32. If you could recommend a book to our boys for them to read, what would it be? Hmmm...'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' by Marie Kondo because they're a little bit messy at their dorms.
  33. Did you experience SVT's menpa? I had mentioned several times but no replies from them.
  34. Favorite answer from their menpa? When Hoshi replied to Loli Kitty's tweet. She mentioned her cat and Hoshi laught at it. I can't attach her tweet here because she locks her account.
  35. Do you play SSPLEDIS? No, but I wish I could play it.
  36. Do you have a Carat Bong? No, it's too pricey for me.
  37. Do you have any SVT merch (official and unofficial are counted)? Yes, I have four albums i.e. 'First Letter', 'Going Seventeen (Make The Seventeen ver.)', 'teen, age', and 'You Make My Day (Meet ver.)'. I have ordered 'You Made My Dawn (Before Dawn ver.)' but the seller doesn't send to me yet.
  38. Do you have your own Bongbongie keychain? No, I'm too lazy to make it myself or to buy it.
  39. Do you participate in anniversary/birthday projects? If you mean participate as participant, yes.
  40. Do you listen to 'Smile Flower' in public places? No, I'm afraid I'll cry in public.
  41. Do you know that Junhui was the first member who have a solo album? Yes.
  42. Do you compute the dates when SVT is hinting a comeback? Hell no.
  43. Road trip with Seungcheol or going to the dog cafe with him? Road trip with Seungcheol in Europe, USA, and the Middle East.
  44. If you and Soonyoung were assigned to come up with an interpretative dance/paired dance, what song would you suggest to him? Kissing You by SNSD (it's not a song that performed couple dance though, I just like the song).
  45. Skiing with Jeonghan in Japan or cuddle him in their dorm? Skiing with Jeonghan in Japan, he can teach how to ski to a tropical kid like me.
  46. Learning how to play a guitar with Joshua or having park dates with him? Having park dates with him in Central Park New York, Disneyland and Disneysea Japan, and Universal Studio Singapore.
  47. Learning how to play piano with Junhui or learning how to dance with him? Can I do both?
  48. Play online games with Wonwoo or spend the day with him in a library? Play online games, we can freely scream while do it.
  49. Shopping with Minghao or have a photography lessons with him? Have a photography lessons with him so we can visit many interesting places together.
  50. Cooking with Mingyu or go to a fashion show with him (both of you in a VIP section or something)? As a person who can't cook I obviously choose cooking with Mingyu so he can teach me how to cook some food.
  51. Watch a play with Seokmin (and he'll surprise you) or visit a coffee shop to have a chat with him? Visit a coffee shop to have a chat with him.
  52. Go to a karaoke with Seungkwan or visit his house to try all the delicacies of his mom? Visit his house to try all the delicacies of his mom, I WANT TO GO TO JEJU ISLAND SO BAD!
  53. Go fishing with Hansol or have a movie marathon with him? Go fishing with him because we have different preferences in movies.
  54. Watch a concert with Chan or go to an exhibit (about Michael Jackson) with him? Watch a concert with him.
  55. First impression to Seventeen? They are so cute omg.
  56. First impression to Seungcheol? He has unique face.
  57. First impression to Jeonghan? Reminds me of NUEST's Ren because of his long hair.
  58. First impression to Joshua? He's handsome and I thought he was beagle line.
  59. First impression to Junhui? He's handsome too but underrated.
  60. First impression to Soonyoung? SO FLUFFY AND CUTE!!
  61. First impression to Wonwoo? Damn good looking, Mingyu's twin brother.
  62. First impression to Minghao? Innocent.
  63. First impression to Mingyu? Cold city guy, Wonwoo's twin brother.
  64. First impression to Seokmin? Attractive.
  65. First impression to Seungkwan? So funny and jovial.
  66. First impression to Hansol? Leonardo Dicaprio has a son.
  67. First impression to Chan? Talk active.
  68. First impression to Carat? Peaceful fandom

K-Pop world goes wild recently. Big scandal about sexual harrasment toward women has blown up. I hope Seventeen have good friends and will not involve in that kind of scandal in their whole life.

Please be a good human being guys, I love you.

(photos are from @pledis_17)


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