January 16, 2018

K-Pop History Tag: Do You Remember About Your Own K-Pop Lyfeu?


I run out of idea but still want to write something. So here it is.....

1. What was my first K-Pop Song?
SNSD's Gee, well actually I didn't listen into it purposely. My friend always played that song when I were in her room. That was before I knew about K-Pop.

2. How did I discover K-Pop?
I was a little bit too late knowing K-Pop things comparing to my college friends. I used to be a person who hate K-Pop. But one day, the day I watched a football referee from South Korea in television, I started to like K-Pop.

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3. Who was my FIRST female bias?
Park Shinhye, through 'Heartstrings' drama. She's really cute and pretty in that drama.

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4. Who was my FIRST male bias?
CNBLUE's Kang Minhyuk, I know him from 'Heartstrings' drama too.

5. Who was my FIRST favorite male/female K-Pop group?
CNBLUE, guess how did I know them? Yup after watched 'Heartstrings' drama lol. That drama plays important role in my K-Pop life.

6. Which K-Pop song was the first song I learned the coreography for?
A Pink's Mr. Chu, well I didn't do the original coreography. I learned aerobic version of that song from this video:

Deep down inside my soul is a dancer but my body is stiff af so all I can do is learning simple movements.

7. Who is my favorite K-Pop group right now?
SEVENTEEN right here *dancing clap*

8. What was the first K-Pop reality show I watched?
'Running Man' of course, no doubt. And I still watch every single episode of it, I never skip an episode of 'Running Man'. 'Running Man' is the best reality show from South Korea in my opinion. That's why I was really sad when 'Running Man' would reach an end last year. But it didn't happen yeay!

9. Not counting my bias group, which other group will always have a very special place in my heart?
Girl's Day, they are very solid group and have many good songs.

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10. What was the first K-Pop thing I ever bought?
Face masks from Nature Republic because EXO was the ambassador.
11. What was life like before K-Pop?
It was pretty normal I guess.

12. How has K-Pop changed my life?
I get many positive vibes from liking K-Pop. Some of them are my reading skill in English gets better because of engsub videos hahaha, I keep maintain my weight because everyday I watch K-Pop stars with good bodies, I get so many friends from around the world that also like K-Pop, and I learn Korean too (it's nice to learn new language that has its own alphabet).
What's yours? Let me know by drop comments in the comment section below. :)))



  1. kalo aku sih idol yang play important role dalam dunia perkpopan adalah Boyfriend. Soalnya mereka imyut banget pas debut tahun 2011. Sayang ya kurang bersinar sekarang :')

    1. Boyfriend kayaknya lebih populer di Jepang ya