February 19, 2016

YongSeo's Secret Code?

Warning: if you don't like delusional things, better to close tab quickly XD

On last February 14, Yonghwa and Seohyun uploaded photo with caption "Happy Valentine's Day". Seohyun uploaded four hours earlier than Yonghwa. I was JUST happy at first, until I saw the composition of the colors in their photos....................and I WAS FREAKING HAPPY. LOL.


Let me analyse these two photos.

As you can see, Seohyun put hearts sticker along with "valentine" in her photo. Look at the hearts' colors at right side, they have similar colors with Yonghwa's photo, right? Is it coincidence? Or is it their secret love code? :p

Koreans, in this case Korean Idols, are famous for using secret codes or couple things when they are dating.

You don't believe me?

Take a look back to Baekhyun and Taeyeon's dating scandal. Taeyeon made a lot of codes on her personal instagram according to her relationship with Baekhyun. Their secret love codes are the most fenomenal in K-Pop world. LOOOL.

Yonghwa and Seohyun wore same clothes several times. Just googling it if you want to know. For me, YongSeo's best same clothes is this:


Many moments prove that Yonghwa and Seohyun still be a good friend for each other after 'We Got Married' end. Here are their some moments:

Music Bank 2013 (cr: MR. Carrot)

Music Bank 2013 (source: soompi)

Backstage 2015 (source: onehallyu)

djsagbjcufeusafgausgh XD (source: onehallyu)

It's good news knowing Yonghwa and Seohyun still keep in touch. And it will be a heavenly-good-news-ever if they are dating in real life. HAHAHAHA.

Keep calm and SHIP YONGSEO. :p

See you on my next post!


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  1. Aaaaaaakkk. Aku suka tipe tulisan kayak gini. Mau lagi dooong :D hehehehe

    1. Beres kak kalo ada kode2 lain aku siap berdelulu di blog ini :p

  2. aku ngga ngerti KOrea...hahaha selain makanannya

    1. Hahahaha pernah makan makanan korea apa aja?